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Drikkeriget Beer Dinner/Event will get you in the mood for Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2012!

2011Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 06 Nov, 2011 14:44
Still in the planning - but here are a few teasers....

Date is Thursday May 10th 2012 - the day before CBC!

The name so far is 'Sour & Bitter' (as an honor to the amazing festival that ones where in Stockholm)
Working with the amazing people of Mmm - zonen for madkultur.
200-300 tickets will be sold
All afternoon till late evening

And the beers........

The sour goes to 3 Fonteinen.
Exclusive bottled 4 years old straight Lambic - we bought the last kegs that was left of what Armand brewed himself, he bottle it for us. The first bottled unblended Lambic from 3 Fonteinen. Ever.
Armand Debelder + Tomme Arthur blend - the results of a fun day a 3 Fonteinen + 4 year old Boon Lambic and Armands own Lambic from 2008.
There will be bottles of Millenium and Malvasia Rosso.
And ohh, we nearly forgot, the beer that was released last time in 1999, the one with the expensive berries, the one beer you would like to taste the most.........yes that one! It will be released at 'Sour & Bitter'.
The above are extremely limited blends, all done in collaboration with Drikkeriget and will most likely only be available at Sour & Bitter.

The bitter goes to ...... ..........
There are some quite exciting things happening on the US bitter beer scene at the moment.
It will become interesting!

Tickets will go for sale at some point! Stay tuned!


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