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Amazing evening!!

2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 14 May, 2013 12:17

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Jester Kiiiiing

2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 13 Mar, 2013 21:42
Limited, limited, limited as everything else interesting at the moment!!!!

Black Metal
Boxer's Revenge
El Cedro
Funk Metal
Noble King
Salt Lick
Commercial Suicide
Das Wunderkind!

On its way.

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S&B #2

2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 06 Mar, 2013 15:19
Drikkeriget is ready!!!
We hope you are!!!!

(Like last year we cant read it either, but click the invitation and you will get to the Drikketiget www)

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2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 02 Mar, 2013 20:16 will get the chance to this one with Tomme in the near future .....?

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Da good shit

2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 21 Feb, 2013 08:48
is on it way!!!!!

Cigar City….and what a wait!!!
Jai Alai IPA
Florida Cracker White Ale
Maduro Brown Ale
Hotter Than Helles
White Oak IPA
Tocobaga Red Ale
Camp Braggot: Ghost Stories
Hunahpu's 2013
Hunahpu's 2012
Bolita Double Nut Brown Ale
Marshal Zhukov
Imperial Sweet Stout aged in Cognac barrels

Pipeworks……and what a wait!!!!!
Froggy Style
Last Kiss
Coffee Break Abduction
Santa vs Unicorn
Hyper Dog
Povire du Sichuan

Against the Grain…..and what a wait!!!!!
Shit Jeans
Green Dragon
KY Ryed Chiquen
Golden Shower

Yes sir!!!!!

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Pizza Port London!

2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 10 Feb, 2013 19:24
Another great event is coming up and another great excuse to go to London to drink a little beer.
Pizza Port has shipped lots!!
April 20th 2013 at the Craft Beer Co. in Clerkenwell, London
Nacho (Headbrewer at Pizza Port Carlsbad) will be in the house…….he++ will also be going to Siren Craft Brewery to do something great…..!!
This is what will be on:
Night Rider
Revelations Belg
California Honey Ale
Carlsbad Cream Ale
Poormans Double IPA
Sharkbite Red
Carlsbad Chronic Amber
BA Nite Rider
Pants Optional Pale Ale
Big Wednesday Belg IPA
Liquid MistleToe Strong Belg
Dawn Patrol Dark
Bacon 'N Eggs
Skid Mark Brown
6.9 Porter
Breast Ever IPA
Draft Punk
Order in the Port Stout
El Camino IPA
Swamis IPA

Not to badddddddd!!

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High and Still Water

2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 05 Feb, 2013 20:30
Lots of good stuff on the way to Europe! And new stuff!!
HighWater has finallyyyyyyy been convinced to send us some
Rio DeOro
Blind Spot
Hop Riot IPA
Campfire stout
Retribition IIPA
StillWater has finallyyyyy decided that Europe is worth it again
Cellar Door
Table Beer
Ower Dens
Be ready…….it will properly be sold out before it even arrives!!

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Not to bad!!!!

2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 02 Feb, 2013 11:46
No. 3,4,6,10,11,17,26,27,29,30,36,42,46,61,63,64,81,84,89,98
In the works: 8,15,39….++
Not to bad!!!!
Top 100 best breweries!!

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2013Posted by Henrik Boes Brølling 21 Jan, 2013 13:16
Lots and lots and lots of new beer has been showing up the last weeks……..most of it in so limited volumes that only the fastest shops/distributors in Europe receives it!

Hoppin' Frog has speed up his production of new releases and ships lots of it in kegs as well…….BA Pumpkin Ale, some like it some dont……you have to have a little US blood in your veins to really understand Pumpkin Ales…….on the other hand Natasha Røcks everybody like a huge Imp St…..and yeah the Cafe Silk Porter really fucmjhiuf great!!!

The (in my opinion) EXTREEEEEEEEEEMELY underrated brewery Uncommon has shipped his brand new Casserly Pale Ale, fresh hopped, 5.3%ABV, look forward!!

Jolly Pumpkin arrived and sold out in 1 day……Kuhnhenn arrived and sold out in 1 day……..High Tide arrived and sold out in 1 day……Mayan Apocalypse….yeah something happed…or it ended up in a storm on the Atlantic and is only just arriving tomorrow (….or the day after….)

Nebuchadnezzar form Omnipollo and extremely nice IIPA just arrived……get it

And finallllly we have been waiting and waiting and waiting………WESTBROOK arrives again…..lots of new stuff….Saison-Ale….Citra Rye PA…..Nelson S Rye PA…..Märzenbier…….Dark Helmet……..Vanilla Tree D

And And Evil Twin the Westbrook Collab Mini Growler just got it but as always keep your head up for Evil Twin what makes it to Europe is LIMITED!!!

A couple of new breweries (on the European market) are traveling towards us as well!!

Ohhhhhyeah the 2 May dinner…..the name is NacØL - S&B#2………..we are getting closer……the beer list is building and it is getting good….3 brand new BA's from Evil Twin has been added……there will be 3 versions of Speedway Stout…..of cause 3 Font….of cause The Bruery…..a huge selection of vintage stuff from Port B/Lost A………and something secret but overly amazing.
Hopefully the tickets will go for sale very very very soon……we have a little thing with the budget but we are still aiming at 1000Dkr pr person…….beer food and everything


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